Welcome to ZENERGY!

“We’re on a serious mission to create a community unlike anything else!”

– Nick Staples (Founder / CEO)

why zenergy?


The Zenergy workout is specifically designed to strengthen the body, the heart, and the mind while burning maximum calories. Light hand weights are used to engage the upper body while movement in and out of the saddle works your core and lower body. Each class is accompanied by a unique, kick-ass playlist handpicked and designed by the instructor.


Community is everything. At Zenergy, we go above and beyond to create a community unlike anything else. Whether you’re a first-timer or have hit over 1,000 rides, each person is an integral part of our driving mission to create a kinder world. 


Music is our mantra. Each class rocks a unique playlist handpicked by your instructor. From deep house and electronic to pop, hip-hop, and rock ‘n’ roll. Feel the chills from each song, let the beats lift you up, and get carried away by the energy of the music. It can get a little emotional in here – go with it! We like to call it the happiness effect. 


Did we mention that we like to celebrate? Whether it be your 100th, 200th, 500th, or more. We have a celebration for each milestone on the way. Need a motivator? Once you hit 100 rides you get to sign our #community wall. So, are you in?