meet anna charleston new instructor

Apr 18, 2019

Meet Anna, one of our new Charleston Instructors! We asked some of our favorite questions and wrote the answers below… check them out!

1.) What’s your name?

  • Anna Reepe

2.) Where are you from?

  • Greenville, SC

3.) How did you find Zenergy?

  • I heard about Zenergy through a few people when I first moved to Charleston. It took me a few months to try it out, but once I finally did, I found myself there multiple times per week (even multiple times a day sometimes). 

4.) What made you want to be a Zenergy Instructor?

  • The main reason (of many) – I could not pass up the opportunity to have the chance to make other people feel the way Zenergy instructors made me feel. Every time I left a class I felt on top of the world (and still do) – if I give even one person the chance to feel that way  – it will all be worth it. 

5.) Since taking the podium, what is your favorite Instructor Memory?

  • My favorite instructor memory so far is probably my very first ride. Although I was so nervous, the energy was unreal. I realized during that class that I was exactly where I needed to be and I couldn’t wait until the next class. 
    (Also my fiancé was finally there after months of me trying to talk him into trying out a class – AND I will forever cherish the photo of Meg (our master instructor) standing outside of the studio door  listening in to my class, cheering me on and, I’m sure, hitting every single beat.

Checkout Anna’s classes at the Charleston studio through the app or website!