Cassie Parks


Studio Location: Morgantown

Where are you from? Morgantown, WV

Why Zenergy? I was immediately addicted to Zenergy after my first class! Growing up playing sports, I have experienced a wide range of fitness workouts but none of them ever transformed me the way Zenergy has. I fell in love with not only the killer workout it is but most importantly the energy, music, and good vibes from the start of class that continued throughout the rest of my week. Zenergy is truly so much more than a fitness studio to me, it is somewhere that feels like home where I can release, be myself, and everyone is welcomed and accepted with open arms.

How would you describe your classes? Fun, engaging, spirited, purposeful

What’s your go-to style of music? Hip Hop and R&B

Something we need to know about you? I am the biggest dog lover, especially golden retrievers!

How would your best friends describe you? “Caring, energetic, organized, passionate, determined”