the classes

ZENRIDE 45 min / all levels

Our high-intensity signature 45-minute workout is a true “cardio party on a bike.” This class incorporates the entire body with choreographed, beat-based moves that will get your blood flowing and heart pumping! While riding to candlelight, you’ll get lost in the music but most importantly, you’ll FIND YOUR ZEN. We inspire each rider to leave every class feeling stronger than before with Patience, Dedication, Hard Work, and Love.

ZENFLEX 2.0 55 mins / experienced

Turn up the resistance and get ready to grab two sets of weights. This is our 55-minute workout designed to challenge your entire body in a whole new way. In this intense workout, you will build your strength and tone your core all while getting a killer ride. Given the intensity of this class, ZenFlex 2.0 is recommended for riders who have taken 10 or more Zenergy classes.

ZenSurvivor 60 mins / all levels

Ride stronger than ever before with this 60-minute calorie scorching workout. This workout is designed for those riders that want that extra burn. SWEAT, INSPIRE, and TRANSFORM, all while riding to the beat of the music. It’s amazing what an extra 15 minutes can do!

ZenWarrior 75 mins / experienced

In this 75-minute class, you will push your body past its limits while discovering the best version of yourself. This class takes our signature workout and adds an intensity like no other.

Community Ride 45 mins / all levels

Come take a class on us and cheer on your newest instructor! This 45-minute class is FREE on a first-come, first-serve basis only. You must sign up online in order to grab a bike! Clip In. Ride Strong. Be You.

the questions

Are your classes for all levels?

Yes! Because we are on this journey together, all fitness levels are welcome, and instructors will offer modifications to help you find success whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran athlete.

How many calories should I expect to burn?

An average rider can expect to burn 500-700 calories in our 45min ZenRide class. Calorie burn depends on several factors, like your weight and how much you put into the ride. Come take a class to find out how many calories you actually burn!

What parts of my body get worked out during class?

You’ll get a great workout for your arms, back, abdominals, and legs. We’ll also stimulate your mind and your heart. It’s a head-to-toe, full-body workout.

How do I book a class?

Just click on the “Book” button at the top of the page and choose the studio you’d like to take a class. From there, you will see the current schedule, then follow the prompts to reserve your bike.

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