“Our mission is to inspire people to live a happy, energetic, vibrant life through patience, dedication, hard work, and love.”

Who We Are 

We call ourselves a community unlike anything else for a reason. Our one-of-a-kind instructors help to create an experience through music, movement, and spirituality while our front of house team creates the cleanest and most welcoming environment possible. We strive to always do our best, always do the right thing, and most importantly have fun while doing it.

It’s a true cardio party on a bike! Our community says we’re changing their lives one pedal stroke at a time. In each class we clip in, our minds clear, and the endorphins flow. Through this visceral experience, our riders develop a bond like no other with the riders around them. With each class, friendships are made and a bigger community is created. We hold our classes in a dark candlelit room with the highest quality audio and equipment. We live. We laugh. We Cry. We Love.

After studying theatre and business in NYC, Founder Nick Staples (at the age of 20) left abruptly after his sophomore year of college due to suffering from anxiety and depression. He quit his job on Broadway, at SoulCycle and Equinox and moved the next day home to Charleston, West Virginia. He had no plans and didn’t know what the next step was. As he got home, he quickly realized he was missing one thing he had fallen in love with the most in the city… a bike. He wanted to create an experience where you could be on your own yet with a group of people. A place where you could clip into the bike and out of the rest of the world. No mirrors. No Judgement. A place where everyone no matter their size, faith, style, color, or race could feel welcome. His passion for performance then merged with indoor cycling and Zenergy was born, an experience that could be the best part of a person’s day.

We could go on and on but you won’t believe it unless you’ve experienced it for yourself.


Zenergy promotes equality, diversity, and inclusivity. All vendors have undergone a background check to ensure our values are aligned click here