p.s. I love you

Oct 21, 2018

Dear Zenergy,

2018 has been one for the books. Not a year full of successes, windfalls and wins, but the opposite. 2018 has been one of those gritty, tough years where every step feels heavy and around every corner another roadblock. It’s been hard AF. When I needed an outlet, a respite, a place for me, I found you. A regular since my first class, I’ve come to rely on you not only for a great workout but also for a space to challenge myself, to look within and to find strength.

When I clip into the bike, lights down and music up, I can turn inward. I can connect to my strength and vulnerability, all while sweating my ass off. I can push past physical limits and challenge my mental barriers. By singing and dancing, I can let go of the endless to-do lists and be truly connected in the moment. Through working out I can work through the roadblocks. Nailing the runs (thank you very much!) and adding another turn to the knob adds confidence, which I bring with me once I step off the bike. I can have fun, let go, laugh and sometimes cry from the back corner on bike 28.

You are a community whose energy is infectious and whose passion is palpable. On a bike that goes both nowhere and everywhere: you accept and encourage, you connect and inspire. So, Zenergy, I’m leaning in. All in. I’m buying what you’re selling; I’m drinking the Kool-Aid; you had me at hello. Thank you for coming to Pittsburgh, thank you for this amazing community of positive people and thank you for lifting my spirits while also lifting my ass.


Marisa Miller Nero

P.S. I love you

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