Sean Grabowski


Studio Location: Naperville Studio

Where are you from? A very small town, Coal City, IL, about an hour southwest of Chicago.

Why Zenergy? Zenergy is a vibe like no other. Just you and the bike surrounded by music where you can escape anything and everything for 45 minutes.

What’s your go-to style of music? I tend to play more upbeat music that you can vibe/dance to along with a song here and there that will fit your feelings. 

 Something we need to know about you? I used to be extremely shy, where I’d stand up in front of a class to give a presentation and my face would turn red. Having a platform to be in front of people and teach has really allowed me to open myself up and be vulnerable.

How would your best friend describe you? I’d say my best friends would describe me as a dependable, personal person who is always there for them when needed.

Describe Your Class in 3 Words: Dynamic,  motivational, engrossing