Sara Brooks

Master Instructor

Studio Location: Charleston Studio

Where are you from? Scott Depot, WV

Why Zenergy? It’s not just a workout, Zenergy allows me to clip out of the World and clip into bettering myself not only physically but mentally. It’s about community, love, and acceptance.

What’s your go-to style of music? Hip hop, anything with a heavy beat, LOVE  a good remix

Something we need to know about you? I am a former Division 1 athlete, a Graduate Gemologist, a wife, and a dog mom. If I am not on the bike, you can find me looking at diamonds & gemstones, or spending time with my husband Hayden and our standard poodle Charlie!

How would your best friends describe you? LOYAL to a fault, would go to the frontline for anyone I care about, funny, kind, grounding, supportive, compassionate, and has FOMO in the best of ways (which usually means I will be where the action is if I can be)!

Describe Your Class in 3 Words: Welcoming, motivating, and a PARTY!