Meg Stallard

Senior Master Instructor

Studio Location: Charleston

Where are you from? Charleston, WV

Why Zenergy?  I found the thing that made me tick, that gave me something to look forward to, that invited me in, embraced me, energized me, inspired me,  motivated me, and allowed me to BE ME, when the World outside expected someone totally different! I walked in and have yet to walk out and I am 6.5 years stronger because of it!

What’s your go-to style of music? I am guaranteed to keep you guessing! I love it all, and because of that, I can power through several classes a week, ready to create an experience for the community DIFFERENT than the day before. Big beats are my weakness, the energy you can pull from music and movement is EVERYTHING!  If it doesn’t give me LIFE, I won’t be playing it!

Something we need to know about you?  Little sister to the best big brother, mom of 2 beautiful teenage girls, married to my blind date/soulmate, I  love to do the worm at parties, used to be on a competitive jump rope team, nickname is “MAMA MEG,” have a degree in elementary education with a Master’s in Reading, and I am proudly using both to teach people how to SHOW UP for themselves on a bike!

How would your best friend describe you? I went to a source; Fierce, motivating, powerful, force to be reckoned with, loving, a party in a person, loyal, mom, wife, friend, joy, SUNSHINE.

Describe Your Class in 3 Words: Unpredictable, High Energy, Connective