Loghan Wright


Studio Location: Pittsburgh

Where are you from? Just south of Baltimore, MD (Go Ravens! – Sorry, not sorry! Hehe)

Why Zenergy? Zenergy has changed my life. It’s truly so much more than just a work out. Zenergy feeds my body, mind, and soul. And the Zenergy Community is unlike any other! So much love in that studio!

How would you describe your classes? Fun, welcoming, spirited, encouraging.

What’s your go-to style of music? “I like rap things.” – Me to Josh Holzman at the beginning of instructor training.

Okay okay, rap is admittedly not my go-to. I love a good 90s/early-00s throwback, and unexpected takes on classic tunes!

Something we need to know about you? I LOVE game shows and have been a contestant on The Price is Right as well as $100,000 Pyramid. I’m also a classically trained opera singer so music is a HUGE part of my life. Also I’m a big softy and love a good cry.

How would your best friends describe you? “Dependable, energetic, free-spirited, fierce, loyal, loving, independent…definitely the kind of friend who wouldn’t bail you out of jail, but would be in the cell next to you.”