Kim Bossert


Studio Location: Boca Raton

Where are you from? Arizona

Why Zenergy? As a yoga instructor, it’s important to connect with others, so when I met Nick,
he was so warm and welcoming and I could see his passion for the studio and what he does. It was literally beaming through his smile! That inspired me and made me want to join the team as soon as I could. Everyone in the studio is incredibly wonderful and loves what they do
My yoga classes link breath with movement and allow students to not only challenge
themselves throughout the practice physically, but to take a deep look inward and move
stagnant energy and replace it with loving kindness. After all, yoga is self-care and what greater gift to give yourself than the gift of time and presence while on your mat. I always want students to leave my class feeling light and peaceful, and excited to return to the mat to make more magic.

What is your go-to style of music? Anything Trevor Hall or Michael Franti style! I love a blend
of upbeat music, but not too much to take you away from the soundtrack of your breath.

Something you should know about you? I love, love, love people and connection. I always
consider myself a student of life and I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself and grow every single day. I encourage others to do the same, so don’t mind me if I push you towards that goal you’ve been manifesting!

How would your best friend describe you? Annoyingly loyal and genuine, because she can’t
“beat me” to being the thoughtful one in the relationship simply because I live to love on my
people. She would also say I’m a little bit sassy, but with purpose 🙂

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