Jacob Greenfield

Master Instructor

Studio Location: Morgantown Studio

Where are you from? Martinsburg, WV.

Why Zenergy? Why NOT Zenergy? This community has helped me through some of my toughest times while also celebrating some big accomplishments. I love being able to give back what was given to me as a rider. Being able to connect with the people who make up this community is the best damn part of my job! You come to ride a bike and you gain so much more as an individual. The magic happens when the lights go off and the beat drops.

What’s your go-to style of music? I like to mix it up! You typically can count on a pop diva to make an appearance on the playlist! You will hear songs with some heavy gritty beats to get you through that resistance. You will hear some rock, mixed with some electric beats to get you through those runs and jogs! Oh, and did I mention Whitney Houston?

Something we need to know about you? My goal as a child was to be a stand-up comedian, but my “dad jokes” just do not cut it! So instead, I became an Occupational Therapist and my passion is stroke and spinal cord injury recovery.

How would your best friends describe you? WILD, sarcastic, dependable, funny, caring, enjoys a good cold beer, and honest. I don’t bring life to the party, I AM THE PARTY!

Describe Your Class in 3 Words: Energetic, challenging and restorative.