Erin Hubbard

Master Instructor

Studio Location: Morgantown

Where are you from? Morgantown, WV

Why Zenergy? I could go on and on about why I continue to choose Zenergy on a daily basis, but to keep it short I’ll leave it at this, the people and the feeling. The Zenergy community is completely and totally irreplaceable to me and the feelings I get when I walk in the doors of any Zenergy studio are impossible to put into words. It truly is patience, dedication, hard work, and LOVE through and through!

How would you describe your classes? Upbeat, fast-paced, and inspirational

What’s your go-to style of music? My music is constantly changing BUT my favorites to use are really good remixes of pop songs and throwbacks!

Something we need to know about you? I have spent the last 5 years of my life searching for the right college major and the right jobs/career options and have ended up doing something that I never would have dreamed I would be doing.

How would your best friend describe you? “Erin is someone who has really big goals and is constantly putting in the work to achieve them. She has the biggest heart and is always the first person to offer help to others. She is a person you’d be lucky to know.”