Alex Fox


Studio Location: Morgantown

Where are you from? Clarksburg, WV

Why Zenergy? I am a fitness instructor by trade and so many of my yogis would tell me that my inspiration and energy during my classes reminded them of Zenergy! I had never been on a bike or taken a cycling class before, but you never know what’s out there if you stay in your comfort zone. I took a chance, and the rest is history.

How would you describe your classes? Energetic, hype, nostalgic (I love a good throwback jam!)

What’s your go-to style of music? DEFINITELY R&B / Hip-hop remixes!

Something we need to know about you? I LOVE hugs and Buti Yoga

How would your best friend describe you? Her words: “She is more fun than anyone or anything I know, including bubble wrap.” LOL