Sara Bailey

Master Instructor

Studio Location: Charleston

Where are you from? Charleston, WV

Why Zenergy?  It’s not just a workout, Zenergy allows me to clip out of the world and clip into bettering myself not only physically, but also mentally.

How would you describe your classes? Welcoming, high energy, challenging and joyful. I love to party! What better way to party than to party with friends on a bike?!

What’s your go-to style of music? Hip-Hop, Throwback Remixes, EDM (you might even hear some country!)

Something we need to know about you? I am a former Division 1 athlete. I am a Graduate Gemologist. When I’m not on a bike I spend my day with diamonds and colored gemstones!

How would your best friends describe you? They have said that I care for my friends, family, and community to no end. I love hard and enjoy seeing people I love to succeed. I am honest, ambitious and find it important to always be prepared (lol)

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